Fronius consumption tracking with usage


I have a freshly installed Fronius 6Kw system with Fronius smart meter, I am using standard PUSH commands below. On PVOutput consumption is correct overnight but after the sun starts rising it seems to track with peaks and troughs of generation??? Usage curve on solarweb & via app is correct.

Why this difference?

SolarAPI v1 CurrenData Inverter
SolarAPI v1 CurrentData Meter


Looks like its net metered.
Will need to add net to you commands


Added &n=1 to the metering and curve looks much better, however I now get lots of drops to zero…?



Do you have some sort of ‘load’ that only appears when your inverter is busy? It looks rather odd.



No, not that I know of…


This is common for Fronius systems like yours especially if your production measuring CT’s were installed before your PV system or were installed on the mains and your settings are telling PVOutput to record them as Consumption. The “Consumption” curve is not consumption but the difference of Consumption minus Production or -Net. Since Consumption cannot be negative PVOutput ignores all negative values…hence you get zeros for excess production. When production is small the curve will be very close to Production but when Production is large the curve will go negative and disappear for the reason given above.