Fronius Battery % upload to pvoutput?


I have a Fronius Symo Hybrid 5.0-3-S inverter with attached LG battery.

I configured two push messages for pvoutput.

I would like to be able to log the battery charge in %.

In the push setup of the inverter it is possible to upload:
SolarAPI v1 – Current Data – Storages

What URL should I use to upload this information to pvoutput? Is this supported at all?

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This push type isn’t supported, some documentation or sample data would be required first.

The format of the data is described by Fronius., see page 46.

It would be relatively easy to extract the data that you require from the Fronius inverter and then use it to populate some [ all ] of the Extended Data variables using the Fronius API /solar_api/v1/GetStorageRealtimeData.cgi

This assumes that that the LG battery is connected to the inverter using the inverter’s data bus.

If you can see something at http://fronius/solar_api/v1/GetStorageRealtimeData.cgi?Scope=System





You’re in luck.

P.S. Substitute the IP address of your inverter for ‘fronius’ if required.

Thanks, updated this to an idea for possible future enhancement.