Flukso replacement?

Currently using a Flukso to show
Solar generation
Water usage
Gas (when it works ;()
Bazzle 3.480kW (pvoutput.org)
Very easy hookup using Pulse din rail or CC’s.

Flukso is getting the end of its life so I am looking for a plug and Play replacement that hopefully can use the Din rails pulse outputs but I can use CC’s if required.
I have an Growatt min5000-tlx
Not really up to trying to write code etc, too old for that :wink:
Thanks BAzzle

I use my pulse meter and connect it into the Fronius inverter and then let that do the work but i still use the flukso for the hot water.

I’d love a system that can record the importing and exporting to replace the flukso at my parents that cant record properly due to the location of the inverter and meter box and the fact it can do negative power readings. but I haven’t found anything I would be happy with.