Flukso new API?

when the flukso site goes down sometimes the data gets lost with uploading it back to pvoutput

this thread talks about a new API would it be easy enough to change it over to that?

We offer a tmpo API to download your data in highest resolution, with no aging/downsampling. We will eventually limit the amount of historical data stored on the server, but this will be a least a couple of years. Several companies, e.g. energieid.be, are using the recommended tmpo-py Python bindings (with local caching on their side) to fetch sensor data for further processing. Tmpo-py source code is available on github and pypi. It might be that some data processors are still using the old REST API instead of the new tmpo one, which will cause gaps when service interruptions occur.

Possible if there was some API specification.

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i dont know if this helps https://www.flukso.net/content/tmpo-api

Thanks - but seems to not work.

curl -k -H “X-Version:1.0” -H “X-Token:b371402dc767cc83e41bc294b63f9586” “https://api.flukso.net/sensor/fed676021dacaaf6a12a8dda7685be34/tmpo/sync

A sample plain HTTP request example would be helpful. It is not clear what their code is doing.

i agree i don’t really know much about APi except for the Fronius stuff im looking into but at least that gives some examples. i can’t really find anything about it…

will look into it more