Flukso data as net?

im about to setup a flukso for my parents data as I didn’t have much luck getting a net reading for the CC ENVIR setup.
do I set the flukso data as net or both?

and can I set a second sensor as an extended data v7?

Do they have solar?
When you select device Flukso adds the secondary device to the table…

My primary device , Flukso, is set to solar.
My secondary device, Flukso, is set to extended.
My second sender is set to opposite.
I use other sensors (water, gas) using pulse input on flukso.

  • V7 sensor set to litres per min
  • V8 sensor set to m3 per year (sensor not working on meter atm :frowning: )

Weather device - OpenWeatherMap
Main Temperature - enabled

Hope this is helpful :slight_smile:

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yes they have solar but its connected to a sub board so stuck as net metering. sub board is 40m away.
im reading the generation directly from the inverter so will have to accept the readings might not be 100% correct. also since the flukso flm02 doesn’t read voltage it will be out anyway.

thanks yes very helpful. I didn’t see the extended tab before although I was probably only looking at the primary not the secondary. seems to do the trick. now just need to connect the sensors and figure out why I cant connect the the flukso in wifi mode