Fixed scale graphs & scale annotations


I am using extended data to provide 5 extra parameters.
I.E. I have a battery system that provides a value of 0 to 100% for battery capacity. I would like this scale fixed to 0 to 100% on the graph and no auto-scaling.
I noticed that auto-scaling has a bug, my battery scale (has it’s own AXIS value) suddenly jumped to 120% max…but when I hit REFRESH in my browser it jumped back down to the correct auto-scaled value.

I have also set up different AXIS on the extended data to group data to the same scale…but it looks like the subsequent graph takes on the top most extended data annotated on the graph…which is confusing.
What I would like to see is the ability to display the multiple scales and annotations next to the graph including the scale names when AXIS is set all different values.
But then if grouped (using AXIS) then there would be a single scale but the names of all the scales would be annotated there.



Changed to an ‘Idea’ for future enhancement consideration.