Fix for historical efficiency after upgrade?

After running a feed to for some time I had issues with the monitoring PC and eventually gave up and let the monitoring stop.

Recently I added a second array and decided to reinstate the monitoring via a Raspberry Pi which is working fantastically.

The only issue i have found is that the lifetime efficiency calculates based on the current array configuration with no allowance for the fact the system was 3.12kw, for some time, and is now 6.24kw. Thus my lifetime efficiency is running at 1.9 when it is likely ~3.8 or so.

Is there any way to detach the old data from the efficiency calculation? I know it is a minor issue. Starting a new account would be one way to reset but I’d rather not lose all history.

Any thoughts from the community?

On Your Outputs page -

  • Checkbox the days to update
  • Click on the gear icon on the top-right of the table data
  • Enter the system size on those dates

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Hi bankstownbloke, I plan on adding a secondary array in about 1 month. Your instruction on editing the array size based on date of adding the secondary array makes sense but it is not clear that if I select a date that the array size will change, will that change continue forward from that date or will I have to checkbox every day forward?

On the historic days selected, the kWh/kW will be re-calculated using the array size entered.

The array size of the system isn’t affected / changed.

Could it be that the gear icon is no longer present on the top-right of the table data? Why is this?

Sorry, the gear icon has been moved to a more descriptive link under “MORE

  • Checkbox the days to update
  • Click MORE below the graph link to expand options
  • Click Efficiency
  • Enter the system size on those dates
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