Finally set up consumption monitoring, confused by import numbers


I’ve had my production monitoring going for a few months and really enjoying all the data!
I finally set up consumption monitoring (Tesla API → PVOutput) and I’m a little confused by one of the numbers.
Right now, my home has consumed 10.03kWh, and of that 9.79kWh came from the grid, 0.24kWh came from my solar array (it’s early morning here).
The numbers in the status line match up with that:
Gen Energy: 233Wh Gen Power:559W Peak Power: 769W Consumed Energy: 10,030Wh Consumed Power: 1,277W

But here’s what shows up in the calculated dollar value:

Have I done something wrong? The import/export numbers don’t seem to be related in any meaningful way to actual production/consumption…

I have not actually exported anything yet, since I’ve been consuming more than producing all morning…

Export / Import is calculated at each 5-minute interval. While total consumption might exceed generation, there are periods during the day where generation will exceed consumption which will be registered as export.

See Tariffs — PVOutput documentation

Ah okay, thanks. It seemed confusing because export showed a value, despite every 5 minute interval having a higher consumption than generation (i.e. zero export).
Over the course of the day, the numbers do end up to calculate out, even if it didn’t make sense.

My consumption/generation monitor system tracks import/export as well as consumption/generation.
Is there a way with the live status updater to push in import export in addition to consumption/generation data? Or would I be better off uploading an override of the calculated import/export numbers daily?
The calculated numbers are close, but not quite the same (the total import-export net value is the same of course, just the individual values are sometimes closer or further from each other depending on the day)

Please post a link of this example.

When using Add Status API to send 5-minute consumption/generation data the import/export is always calculated.

A final call to Add Output API at the end of the day can be made update the daily summary may be used to update totals including export/import. However, this is rarely used.

This is up to you, this can either be done manually via Edit Output or via the Add Output API.

But any new live updates will overwrite any manually updated values.