Filtering PV ladder

Problem: Finding my place on the ladder after applying a new filter.

I have tried using the filter to sort out where I stand in the ladder. Each time I change the filter it reverts to the highest standing and I have to hunt for my place. It would be very convenient to have my standing in the center of the display when the filter finishes sorting. It is very annoying to have to search for my system after applying a new filter.

hi on my screen the position in the ladder updates daily just above the target box mid left of screen like this Generation 9509 of 32688 clicking on the number 9509 brings up the ladder with my system highlighted in yellow, hope this helps Jim
Yes i see what you mean now.i have found that if i use filters the quickest way to find my system is to use the total generation column to zero in on my system ie 14,700 kw today

I was aware of this but when you select your position the filters are removed. What I want is to see my standing in the filtered data. If you go back to the live page and click on the rank number you are back to the whole list with no filtering. Apply the filter you want and your first page is the highest ranking sites. I would like to have the filtered list show the page you are on instead of the first page with the highest ranking sites.

This is not something that will likely be supported, as it will be considerably slow to work this out on demand.