Feature request: show 0 generation days on reports

I have two arrays. One array has tripped (breaker) or failed (SolarEdge SE7600H-US inverter failure, replaced twice - last over a year ago and stable since) a number of times. However, I haven’t figured out a ‘fool proof’ way to get notified, whereas I also don’t get many false alarms and where the alert stands out. Open to ideas on that.

But… if “0” was shown on reports, that would stand out. Likewise, that would allow (another feature), to email/alert on any day with a 0.

I continue to tinker with the “Low Output Alert” feature to improve on this area, I had been getting too many false positives. The “Idle System Alert” also provided many false positives, would be better if that also had time range (from - to).

Not sure of your abilities, but it might be possible to write a script that pings your inverter every x minutes and sends you an e-mail if there’s no response. I have no experience with SolarEdge inverters but maybe someone else on the forum could help you.

+1 for zero generation added to the graph

I’m definitely considering that. However, the inverter currently uses a cellular modem to connect to ‘the cloud’… so it’s not on my LAN. But I can run an Ethernet cable to it and that would me to test it this way. And that cellular connection has times of being spotty also.

I have missed the date on graphs/reports not being current multiple times before too, seeing each day, and having a big fat “0” would stand out.

Do you think that the “Performance Alert” feature might work for you? Uses a similar system id close to you to trigger off of.

Hi There - Maybe I am not understanding exactly what you want. My solar river inverter has never tripped, but PVoutput has an idle system alert (30 mins in my case) switch in the inverter settings - When Pvouput stops receiving data - it sends me an email telling me such. This should also work for your case I believe, Is this any good to you ? - G

I have re-enabled Idle system alert @ 3 hours (at original time of this post, ~5 days ago), and so far no issues.

If I recall from last time I tired it, I was seeing two issues:
Cellular modem dropouts, the coverage of that carrier (if I recall, AT&T) was/is not as good in my area as others.
end of day alerts (when system went offline due to sundown)…
Alerts — PVOutput documentation
… looks like since last I used either they added, or improved, alert being disabled for sundown. Still may be nice to have a from and to time range as an option though.

So far I haven’t seen any false alarms. Maybe 3 hours wasn’t an option last I used (~ or > 1 yr ago).

That said, having ALL days (0 generated or otherwise) on the reports would be nice - I would like to see 0 generation days. I haven’t looked into it, but I suspect any 0’s don’t count against averages now. I can see why that would be wanted and why having 0’s may cause other grief.

This filter has been added on the Customise popup.


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Hmm… it’s an OR function: zero generation OR N generation… I’d love to see both at the same time (include zero / aka ‘and’). Currently zero generation days are not listed at all, or with this filter only they are listed: that’s a nice filter though for that purpose. I’ll be using it.

context: I enjoy looking at the weekly email reports, and do look at my web view data too… but I have missed paying close attention to the dates… not noticing say when I’ve had many days of consecutive zero generation. I was recently able to get SolarEdge to email alert, so hopefully it doesn’t happen to me a third time where I have a tripped system/inverter and zero generation for more than a week before I become aware of that. Bummer… electricity is expensive where I’m at : Maui, Hawaii… and I have nice generation ability. My smaller, and self installed, Enphase array (micro-inverters) has yet to have any downtime… and I’ve tested their monitoring alert. SolarEdge was behind in that way.

I replied, but not directly, can the feature add an “include” zero (non zero AND zero), as opposed to show only 0 (OR zero)?
Also, can this be applied to email reports? (show all dates, including zero)

Will also consider showing 0 generation days (either missing or 0Wh) as highlighted lines on the daily outputs page.

The email reports won’t be considered for time being.

Gaps on the daily data are now shown on the table. These may be switched off via the Customise option.

This feature and the ‘Zero Generation’ filter should identify days where -

  • No uploaded recorded or
  • Uploaded but 0 generation