Feature request - Monthly chart showing multiple years of output

I have a SolarEdge inverter and on their monitoring site they include a chart showing monthly production mor multiple years with each year showing up as a different colour - see image below. Would it be possible to add such a chart to PVOutput? Or maybe such a chart is available today.

monthly for up to 5 years is already averable. just not year by year side by side

See https://pvoutput.org/help.html#compare-other

thanks lots for this BB jim

This feature has been implemented, click on the Summary link that now appears below daily, weekly, monthly and yearly views.

The monthly data is grouped into years along with an average figure for that month across the sampled years.

Currently the limit is to show last 5 years.

Click on the graph legend to toggle incomplete years on/off

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bankstownbloke is it possible for this above to be made so that it will show Time Of Use View for Power Imported month by month year by year please for the last 5 years please, i have just tried it in time of use view per month and it reverts to generation only, thanks Jim

i like lots of people with solar in Australia only have peak power so if only that was possible it would be very helpful in tracking power usage, if you can make the others work as well maybe one at a time it would be great thanks Jim

Not sure if we would be able to stack the bars (peak/shoulder/off peak) within each month though.

Comparing individual peak vs peaks should be possible.

It is now possible to show gross consumption and experiment with a colour palette for the graphing via the Customise link -

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I requested this feature and I never thanked you for implementing - so thanks, this looks great!