Feature request: Get next page of search results

Hi BB,

Thank you so much for building PVOutput.org - it’s an amazing resource, and has clearly been a lot of work!

Please could I make a small feature request?

If I’ve understood correctly (and it’s entirely possible I’m confused!), the PVOutput API search service returns a maximum of 30 systems. If the search generates, say, 50 results on the server then the user will only see the first 30 results. There’s no way to get the last 20 results. That is, there’s no mechanism by which users can request additional ‘pages’ of results.

I’d be really grateful if you’d consider adding two small features to the API (these changes shouldn’t break existing API clients):

  1. If the search generates more than 30 results, please return a header which says something like “there are x pages of results”.
  2. Please add a ‘page’ search parameter. When users GET or POST a search request, they can request page n of the search results.

Thanks again for all your work on PVOutput.org!