Failed Gateway authentication

I recently had a powerwall installed and would like to upload this data to my PVoutput through your integration service I am getting all sort of problem authenticating using the service. Through tesla app I am able to log in and view information using the same email address and password. This is the error i am getting:

2021-06-28 08:16:32,919 WARN [Thread-2] ( - Failed gateway authentication
2021-06-28 08:16:32,919 INFO [Thread-2] ( - >>>
2021-06-28 08:16:33,000 ERROR [Thread-2] ( - <<< [403] {“code”:403,“error”:“Unable to GET to resource”,“message”:“User does not have adequate access rights”}
2021-06-28 08:21:33,009 INFO [Thread-2] ( - >>>

I have adjusted to scripts to insert my powerwall IP address and password using the administrator priviledges but I am not being authenticated.
Please help.

The powerwall had bad credentials which i corrected. I was able to authenticate.