Extracting statistics from PV Output


When going to the PV-ladder, it would be nice to be able to add columns and export the selection to Excel.

For a concrete case, I want to calculate the yearly kWh per kilowattpiek in Belgium.

Can someone help me?



try this,please to see if its what you want, go to Statistics top left of main page, then Region Statistics - Belgium and see if that helps Jim

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There is some aggregated data there but you cannot filter in the systems. Remove outliers and inactive systems for example.

Also, efficiency is the amount of kWh per invertor kW? I would need kWh/kilowatt-peak.

And would also like to be able to do extra analysis in the future.

Could someone explain why this feature is not worth developping?

Also, efficiency is the amount of kWh per PANEL not by inverter size.
If you go to PV Ladder select Belgium you can filter all you like.
for perhaps 1 person in 35.000 to use ?

You can filter, but not export your filtered results. Or filter yourself in Excel.

so copy and past to exell

Page per page? It’s such a simple feature that this would be really handy.

A useful development I think.

If it’s multiple pages that’s not easy. No means of exporting Excels?