Extracting data from TIGO datalogger


HIi everyone…

Anyone know if it is possible to extract data from a TIGO datalogger like can be done with an inverter?

Tigo’s documentation seems very thin.

I’ve just added a Tigo CCA (Cloud connect Advanced) and some panel optimisers, now waiting for some sun :slight_smile:


As far as I can tell the Tigo CCA doesn’t have any local access - at least nothing I can see having scanned my one a few times.

You can extract from Tigo via thier portal API - See https://support.tigoenergy.com/hc/en-us/articles/200863027-Tigo-Energy-API


Thanks Rupert, I’ll have a look.

P.S… how do you rate the Tigo stuff? Have you had it for a while? Seeing any difference?

One thing I noted was their portal shows energy as DC apparently, so it doesn’t match the inverter stats exactly. I haven’t hooked up my inverter to the CCA yet. so their calculated energy is different.