Extra years on Monthly Generation Summary

Hi, please can I put in a request for extra years on the “Monthly Generation Summary” graph. My system’s into it’s sixth year - it would be nice to see all years on the graph. Looks like there’s room for about ten years worth. Thanks :slight_smile:

Strange… I just looked at my monthly chart and I can go back to January 2013 when I first started. I did have to click on the previous pages area to access those values but it is easily accessible. As far as the Summary graph is concerned, if you are asking for 10 years worth of data in one field, I think it would be a stretch to get 10 years*12 months/ year = 120 individual bars on a single graph plus average per month = 132 individual bars… The yearly graph gets me all those years (2013-2020) with room to spare.

Hi @gregvet, yes that one on the “Monthly” link does show all my data back to 2015. The one I’m asking about is under the “Summary” link where it has the data grouped by month: https://pvoutput.org/summary.jsp?id=41191&sid=37661 At the moment that one only shows 5 years, though the title on mine shows there’s data for six.

You are right. I do get only 5 years total. I guess it only goes back to the most recent 5 years.


The monthly summaries may now be extended to 8 years using the Customise link.

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Nice one, thanks! :slight_smile::+1:

Thanks as well.

this is great, thanks BB