Extented Data


Hi All is there any way to have extended V7 - V12 data do calculations on the two stream V4 &V2 or am i not formatting correctly… dont appear to be able to make it work



Show us your rule
It would be something like v7 = v4*2, v8 = v2/2


thanks tried the format you provided but get the error below when i test it
Invalid Rule: Sourced file: inline evaluation of: ``v7 = v4*2;’’ : illegal use of undefined variable, class, or ‘void’ literal



Try it with a v7-v12 onstead of 2 or 4 and see if it works


Yes works fine … doesn’t want to know about under v6?


ah ok must not be able to do it.
are you able to push that data to an extended data field as well then you can create a rule for it?
if your using a php script that could send it to v7 as well as v2?

ie send v2 to v7 then create a rule v7 =v7*2

where are you getting the data and how are you sending it to pvoutput?


According to the HELP on Extended Data Rules - Separate multiple rule statements with a semi-colon (:wink: ----- ; - Damn Smileys

The example above is using a comma rather than a semi-colon to separate the to statements.


My data is grabbed by pvoutput from


Reload the page and try again, the tester will accept v1-v6 now.


Ok tester works now but still no trends using the example v10 = v2-v4;
will look deeper


Ok retied but still no joy screen shots attached v11 is a cumulative of v10