Extended view shows no data on live chart


When viewing the live extended view I see a brief flash of data content before it disappears, and the graph is completely blank.

If I switch to previous / next days, again I see a flash of content but the it all goes blank on the live view.


The issue is persistent across multiple browsers from multiple machines on different internet connections.

What did I do wrong? :slight_smile:


Interesting, it looks ok to me.

  1. looks OK to me
  2. Not working for you
  3. you tried several browsers

did you log in on each of those browsers? The only thing i can think is that you customized the chart view somehow to bonk it up.


Same result logged in or out of any browser:
• The Extended Data view on the Live graph still shows no content for me.
• All other views are fine on the Live time-frame.
• Extended Data view shows on all time-frames except the Live time-frame.

There’s clearly data there as it shows the stats in the summary:

Customise options are all at default:


Really not sure what’s going on here!


Hi, i see from the welcome pv ouput is a free sharing service above that you are not LOGGED in to PV output as the screen changes when logged in and i think extended live data is only visible hen logged in hope this helps Jim


Sure, like I said before; regardless of whether I’m logged in or not, the result is the same for Extended Data on the Live view:



I dont think you are sending extended data. Click the left-most square (will be green) to show all avalable data.


Hmm, I’d assumed that extended data was being uploaded correcting from the Powerwall script because there was a flash of data before the blank page drew, plus I see data displayed in the energy summary.

I will go check the script is actually running!


Seems you’re right - I’ve had no new data uploaded since 15th Feb. I use the PVOutput Integration Service which appears to be running fine and is reporting data uploads to pvoutput.org in the logs.

There’s a minor version upgrade I can apply so I’ll go and do that. Expectations of success are low.


Data uploads are happening now. Hurrah!

Thanks everyone for your help :slight_smile: