Extended variables plot is blank

California, 8:50 AM. When I click on my extended variables page it is blank then when I return to the first page there is nothing showing. The latter data does not reappear until I refresh the browser. Is there an update occurring at this time?
I have tried flushing the browser caches but this does not correct the display of extended variables. I have also closed the browser and reopened it with no change. I have even rebooted my computer. I don’t believe the problem is on my end.

FWIW my extended data and normal data is displaying normally.

No updates that would affect Extend Data displays.

Your system extended data is displaying fine on Firefox/Chrome.

I caused the problem by removing one of the extended variable’s description in the settings. Restoring them restored the plot.
Is there a way to remove a variable form the page when you are still uploading the data to PVOutput?

Changing the Extended Data label doesn’t affect the data upload. Changes to the configuration requires a manual refresh as auto refreshes only updates data not configuration changes.