Extended graph bug?

I have the following configuration for extended data:


I am currently only adding v9 (Extended 3) data which happens to be frequency. However on the graph the Y-axis information is incorrect and assumes v7 (“Battery Flow”) with Watt as unit. The tooltip on the graph is correctly using Hz as the unit.


Hi @nhasan. Whether or not data are uploaded I have found that the Y axis, label and unit, comes from the first extended variable that is in use. In your case v7. The vertical scale will also be derived from v7. If v7 becomes 5000W some of the other terms will be difficult to see. Frequency for instance will only ever be 50Hz or 60Hz depending on where you are in the world. All of your extended variable will be scaled to axis 0. You will want to shift frequency and % to their own axis so that the plot is useful - A range of 0…100 as opposed to 0…5000.

@grannos I understand that and guessed as much. But then why is the axis using values from v9 and unit from v7? If you noticed, the values are in the vicinity of 60W instead of 60Hz. Isn’t that incorrect?

The graph should really use the first available value for the axis, which in this case would be v9. Thanks for taking time to look into this.

The left hand side will always use the first parameter defined on axis 0, in this case it will be v7 - “Battery Flow”.

Frequency is on the same axis as v7 and will be shown on the same scale, you can blank out the v7 and v8 labels and the left hand axis should be labeled with “Frequency” in Hz.