Extended Data - Summary Incorrect

I’ve noticed that the daily summary on my extended data seems to be incorrect most days.


It seemed to be correct on the 5th + 6th of this month… but most other days are all incorrect, or vastly different from what I’d expect. We should be using about 3 kWh of hot water a day… when that is accurate it seem the other values seem to be accurate.

If I go into the 5 minute data, it all seems to be there, except a reading or two… it just is wrong on the daily / monthly / yearly.

Been trying to troubleshoot it for a while now, and have no joy.

Any ideas?

Please provide a link to the live date which is incorrect.

I believe the extended 5 minute data is all correct every day.

This is the data from the 11th - 10kw Woodcrest Estate 11.160kW

If you look at the “Hot Water” column, you can see it was running from about 9am to 11:30am, call it about 2-2.5kwh.

However on the daily summary for the 11th extended data, it shows 0kwh used. (10kw Woodcrest Estate 11.160kW)

The same thing happens on the 10th (10kw Woodcrest Estate 11.160kW) Hot water on between 11:30am and 1:20pm, about 2 kwh… daily summary shows 0 kwh.

However today hot water is on from 9am to 11:10am, about 2 kwh again… (10kw Woodcrest Estate 11.160kW) … and the daily summary shows 2.193 kwh.

This is repeated in all the readings, almost nothing in summary 10th + 11th for aircon… but 5 minute data shows it should have used 10+ kwh. It seems like the summary is only calculating correctly on some days, looks like 30% of the time it works.

Sorry if i’m not explaining it correctly.

Thanks for the details, it was a problem on dates where the extended data had missing values. e.g. 9:20AM on the 11th.

This has now been fixed - see the summary for the 11th.

The rest of the dates can be fixed by updating any data point in the extended data and the summaries will updates correctly.

This can be done by sending 0W for the missing data point e.g. on the 9th the missing timestamp is 9:55

Update using Add Status API -

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Thank you, I did notice the missing values, but I saw some days which had calculated correctly, but still had missing values so assumed that wasn’t the issue.

As the consumption / generation and extended values are uploaded by a iotawatt, and it randomly misses values I had to use a work around to avoid manually going back and fixing everything.

I had been using home assistant to upload my local temperature as well, so I have changed it to now also upload 0 valves for all the extended data as well. Then iotawatt can update them, and if it misses any, they will already be 0. Luckily iotawatt updates the previous 5 minute segment, so it works well.