Extended Data Stops at ~10:20pm Every Night


It seems that this question has been asked before but I can’t find that discussion. I’m using a Weather Device (WUnderground) to set extended variables v7, v8, v10 and v11 to Temperature, Solar Radiation, Humidity and Pressure respectively. v9 is calculated as the Energy of v8. Everything seems to be working fine up until ~ 10:20pm local time every night. When I view the Extended Data Graph and data table, there is no data beyond this point in time until the next day. I’m not sure what’s going on here.

My System


The Enphase Auto Uploader which will stop querying Enphase after 10:30PM is preventing the weather download from triggering after this time.

A fix has been applied, let see what happens.


@bankstownbloke thanks for the quick attention. I’ll follow up to let you know if the fix worked.


Seems to be working most of the time now however on 30Mar2019, weather data stopped at 19:20 local time for some reason. Could be related to issues with Weather Underground.


Possibly related to the access issues we were having with Enphase. There has been a slight improvement to allow wunderground downloads to occur every 5-minutes instead of 15-minutes when coupled with an Enphase primary device.