Extended Data Rules v1-v4

With the Extended Data I am trying to use some rules that work off v1 to v4,
The problem seems to be that since I only send v1 data I cant use the v2 data even though pvoutput can calculate it and display it.

I tried v10 = v2 to see what would happen since my rules weren’t working as expected and it shows 0

Since the devices I have and the way I upload I can only seem to get what I am feeding in to the grid while the solar is running and what im consuming when the solar is not generation.

I was hoping to Fix it for the most part by creating some rules and making the extended data look half correct until I can solve my reading device.
I think I can create the rules correctly if I can get the v2 data.

Basically the rule I want to create is if(v2 > v4) v9 = v2 - v4;if(v2 < v4) v9 = v4
I had an error using else as shown in the help file so don’t know if that is the correct way to do it.

(Invalid Rule: Parse error at line 1, column 26. Encountered: else)

This rule validates ok in the Extended Data Rule input.

The rule would only trigger when extended data is sent and the standard values must be in the same request.

i.e. One request -

  • t=10:00&v2=100&v4=200&v7=1

v7 set to 1 and rule will set v9 to 200

Two separate requests, either via Auto Uploader to API

  • t=10:00&v2=100&v4=200
  • t=10:00&v7=1

Will not trigger and v7 set to 1 only.

The ability to support the second case may be investigated as long as it doesn’t impact the performance too much.

Ah ok,

I send my data for generation from a raspberry pi and then my consumption data comes from the flukso API.

what’s the formula to convert generation energy to generation power? I could probably send the data I was looking for in request