Extended Data live table

Hello all.
I uploaded extended data, the chart is created from that data but the table under it shows only v1-6 data. Can it be configured to show data for the v7-12 parameters when the extended chart is shown ? For daily (and up) charts, the tables change accordingly.

For the standard parameter that can be displayed on the extended chart, is it possible to choose line or area ? I only see it as line, but I wanted it as area…

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I like your suggestion about presenting the extended parameters in the table. I would find that useful as well.

This functionality is not possible at the moment but may be considered in a future enhancement.

Alternatively, the Download link will provide the extended data in CSV format.

me too, i kinda need this function so i can see what im exporting to the grid

i always thought this was a bug. it would be nice to view even though most of the time i only look at the graph.

Extended data will now display in the table below the graph.

Auto refresh is also supported.


Good job - looks good. Just one thing - any chance of getting the temp in the same table?

Probably not, its not possible to mix data between standard and extended in the table without breaking things.

Do you have time to look at improving the formatting of the numbers displayed? Maybe rationalising to 4 or 5 significant figures, or restricting the number of figures after the decimal point for W and kWh unit values or something? - whatever you’ve done to the main stats page to look nice?
Currently the numbers are unconstrained, and difficult to read with very long numbers:
e.g. https://pvoutput.org/intraday.jsp?id=64310&sid=60217&dt=20181002&gs=0&m=1

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The table data will now comply to the Decimals setting configured for the parameter - or revert to 3 if None selected.



works a treat cheers

Decimals setting. So THATS what it does! I’ve learnt something today, another thing to fiddle with!
Thanks for making the default display much nicer also.

For some reasons the Extended Data Live table and chart are empty for today (Oct 10, 2018). I verify that live data is being uploaded and I get see the data by downloading it in CSV format.

Anyone seeing this?

Extended graph and table data is refreshed after the page is loaded, wait a few seconds.

@bankstownbloke Could you please have a look at the extended data table of SID 18010. The v11 column shows wrong values but the tooltip on the graph is ok.

+1 about v11 bug.

The v11 column shows wrong values. Graph is OK.

This has been fixed, it was showing v10 values.