Extended Data live table


Hello all.
I uploaded extended data, the chart is created from that data but the table under it shows only v1-6 data. Can it be configured to show data for the v7-12 parameters when the extended chart is shown ? For daily (and up) charts, the tables change accordingly.

For the standard parameter that can be displayed on the extended chart, is it possible to choose line or area ? I only see it as line, but I wanted it as area…

Recording exported to grid data in table


I like your suggestion about presenting the extended parameters in the table. I would find that useful as well.


This functionality is not possible at the moment but may be considered in a future enhancement.

Alternatively, the Download link will provide the extended data in CSV format.


me too, i kinda need this function so i can see what im exporting to the grid


i always thought this was a bug. it would be nice to view even though most of the time i only look at the graph.


Extended data will now display in the table below the graph.

Auto refresh is also supported.


Good job - looks good. Just one thing - any chance of getting the temp in the same table?