Extended data inverter temperature inaccurate

Extended data Fahrenheit does not work so I had to use a formula. Problem is the weather data is not correct. Sometimes it is 32F and I assume it gets it from the formula. How can I change this formula to leave it blank when no data is received? It instead reports 32F.

Why isn’t there an option for Fahrenheit in extended data?

I use this formula v7 = v7 * 1.8 + 32; v8 = v8 * 1.8 + 32

Extended data will just copy the data stored at the source, if it is coming in as C then you must convert this manually using a rule.

Because the source data may be storing the data in C or F which may or may not require a conversion. This is decision is best left to the owner with the use of a rule.

I had a rule but when the inverter stops sending temperature data the rule just causes 32F to be recorded instead of no data.

vX = vX * 1.8 + 32

See what you mean, the rule should now no longer run when any of the parameters in the rule is missing instead of using 0. The temperature should now be blank “-” instead of 32.

It worked thanks.