Extended Data - How to draw LINE on top of AREA

Hi all,

I have set up some extended data:
v7 = Power Generated (line)
v8 = Power Used (line)
v9 = Energy Used (area)
v10 = Energy Generated (area)

Wherever an area covers a line, the line becomes dimmer, which makes the lines harder to see. I would prefer the lines to be always “on top”, i.e. having no transparency.
Is this due to the order in which the graphs are rendered? Swapping around v7 to v10 didn’t seem to make a difference. I would be happy with the same colour and transparency scheme as in the standard display (under “Show All”).


I should have attached some pics for illustration.
First graph is the standard display:

Second graph is my extended data:

To display the lines on top of the area, assign them to a higher axis number.

v7 = Power Generated (line, axis=1)
v8 = Power Used (line, axis=1)
v9 = Energy Used (area, axis=0)
v10 = Energy Generated (area, axis=0)

Thank you!

However that would also move the energy axis to the left and the power axis to the right. Can I somehow have lines on top and still have the power axis to the left with my extended data?


This won’t be possible without an enhancement, left axis is always 0.