Extended data graphs - scale control

Hi BB - question for you related to the scaling of the graphs for extended data. The scale starts very good at the beginning of the day, but by the end of the day the scale is so squeezed together it is hard to see the data values without running the cursor over to see them. With the addition of the PW2 battery full % it seems to have affected the display. Is there a way to specify the scaling or should I choose a different way of choosing the display values of the extended parameters for the data to scale properly?

Unfortunately the graph scaling does behave a little unpredictably when auto-refreshed.

There will be an upgrade to the graphing library in the future to see if the problem is resolved.

All I can say is I appreciate that you are looking at it and might have a solution - I’ll wait with anticipation when it might arrive - any rough timeframes? Thanks BB.

Possibly in the next month or two, but it is not certain that update will address the issue :slight_frown:

Understood B.B. Happy to work with you to test, etc if I can help.

Hey BB - have you changed something - it’s seemed to have settled down even when using various browsers. :wink:

No changes have been made…

Very strange - one day great scaling - next day totally off the mark - I have no clue what is causing the problem…

The graph will auto-scale the axis based on the value of the lowest/highest datapoints, so results will not be consistent between days.