Extended Data from SMA SB3000TL-21

I have been using PVoutput for several years. It is an essential tool for effective energy monitoring.
The SMA is connected by Bluetooth to FelixSolar on a Android tablet which connects via wifi to my internet router to upload to PVoutput.org
I have recently activated Extended data on PVoutput V7 to V12. Data is being uploaded to PVoutput.org and displayed but what exactly are the 6 Extended v7-v12 parameters which I am downloading from the SB3000TL-21?
Is there a list which defines these SMA parameters?

Hi Mack, as your extended data is hidden i cannot look and tell you, Jim

What [ software / process ] [ are / is ] being used to upload the data to PVO?

This should be documented by the FelixSolar app doing the upload.

I agree but I have not been able to find such a list for the Felix Solar app connecting to SMA via Bluetooth.
I have another PV system and have programmed a Rasp Pi to read the data registers in a Growatt inverter via RS-485 (mod-bus) and upload the data to PVoutput successfully. For the Growatt inverter there are public web sites with sufficient info about the Growatt modbus parameters to enable reading and uploading to PVoutput.

I have found a list of the extended data parameters v7-v12 on the Whirlpool forum.
V8 DC1 W
V9 DC1 V
V10 DC2 W
V11 DC2 V
V12 Inverter Temp

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