Extended data - different 0 position on axis

Today I got a very messed up graph on extended data. The center of one axis (0) is different than the one from (1).

All are in Axis 0, except “BatEnergy” on Axis1. If I put “BatEnergy” on Axis 2-5, graph dissapears in daily,weekly,etc. and in live, there is no area shown for “BatEnergy” anymore. This value starts negative at the beginning of the day (since the summary did not work on being power negative, I tried this way).

How can I set a common 0 point for the axis (should be an option in Customize under the graph).

Waiting for feedback on this,

It would need to be an enhancement option.

The mid point on the Y-axis is automatically determined by available data range, for ‘Energy Bat’ this is around (-4Wh to 0Wh). Seems what you want is to have a range at the absolute maximum i.e. -4Wh to 4Wh which would make the mid point 0Wh.

Changed this topic to an idea.

Yea, that would be the idea.

Since you made the daily summary show negative energy values, there is no rush to change this.

Thank you.

The Axis Alignment option to align the 0 point is now available -

Click on + to expand and choose Middle on the Right and/or Left


Bottom option also available - explained in the Help -