Extended data continual rollover


Is there an option to create an extended data slot to a continual cumulative rollover from day to day so the value just keeps increasing based off another extended data slot rather than resetting to 0 each day?

looking at the help I should set as cumulative but I have other cumulative extended data slots that reset to 0 each day.

Calculated Parameter

The values of an extended data parameter may be derived or calculated from another extended data parameter.

For example, the parameter v7 currently stores the amount of water usage at each 5 minute interval. Another parameter such as v9 can be used show the cumulative water usage throughout the day as recorded by v7 .

The following calculation operations are currently available -

  • Uncumulate - The current parameter values are cumulative. Reset first value of the day to 0. Equivalent to c1 cumulative flag in Add Status API.
  • Cumulative - The current parameter will display a running total of the source parameter.
  • Energy - The current parameter will display the energy (Wh) total of the source power (W) parameter.
  • Change - The current parameter will display the changes in value of the source parameter.
  • Power - The current parameter will display the power (W) of the source energy (Wh) parameter.

Data should not be uploaded directly to a calculated parameter. Their values are recalculated every time new data is received.