Exported Values discrepancy

Hi all having an issue with pvoutput in the last three days.

The daily list is showing the Generation and Exported columns with the same value, which obviously is not the case.
Also happening to the Consumption and Import columns.

See image below.

I thought it might be that it just needed to adjust itself after midnight, but no go.

On further inspection I looked at my settings in the Energy Tariffs , Managed Plans section and noticed that I had set my plan Date to be be from

I adjusted the ‘to’ date to be 31 December which fixed today’s figures (03/07/20) but the previous two days have not updated.

Is there a way to push out the previous two days data to get it to update and reflect the actual figures?

Sorry all for post but I actually ended up fixing it myself by going back and checking the days in question and selecting them and pressed ‘recalculate’

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