Export matches generation

Hi all, I just noticed after July 1 2021 (when I would have updated the tariff) that my export Wh is matching my generation Wh each day. Any idea what I should be doing to get the real export Wh as it was before that date?

You’ve got a single tariff plan with a start and end date of 1st July so it’s only effective for that date.

Either remove the plan dates to make it effective year around or add another plan without a date range that will be applied for all other dates except for 1st July.

Notice the plan name being shown on the 1st July, while it is absent for other days, i.e. no matching plan


Also, use the Check Plans button on the Edit Tariff page.

It will advise if there are any missing date ranges from all active plans.

Fantastic thanks! I think I must have accidentally set the date range to the same year instead of the following year end date. Adjusted and re-calculated all good cheers!