Export Limit

Not sure if or where this makes sense. Where I live we are limited to what we can export at (eg 5kw on single phase). So even though I have quite a larger system (10.5kw) if I’m not using the power the inverter only generates 5kw export limit + household usage.

This means things like my targets etc will never quite calculate properly because its based on the size of my system total.

Just wondering would there be a good way to handle this situation visually/targets.

Hi a possible work round this would be to derate your panel size to the 5000 watts of the inverter + 33% giving you a total system size of 6650 watts, as this is the max panel size allowed on a 5 kw inverter in many places.jim

@simwah at a glance, it appears the pvoutput.org estimates are entered manually by the user, and are not derived from the system specifications. You can generate estimates using pvwatts.nrel.org however it doesn’t support export limiting. In addition, the impact of export limiting is changed by your consumption. I"m afraid it’s difficult to estimate.

As a compromise you could model a system with 10.5kWp of panels with a 5kW inverter using pvwatts. That should model your system when consumption is zero. Your actual system should outperform that modelled system somewhat because your generation will exceed 5kW when your consumption is above zero.