Export/Import Figures


I am trying to set up my PVoutput figures to show export and import figures, I have donated to PVoutput but so fart i have not managed to tweak anything to show any more information than i had before i donated!
I have changed the export and import tariffs to gross but so far nothing. Do i need to fill in the credit and debit rates and time periods? I’m not that interested in the costs at this stage i just want to see some export figures.
Thank you


In the PVOutput system configuration, setup a primary Enphase device with a direction of Solar and a secondary Enphase device with a direction of Consumption.

The same Enlighten Id and User Id should be used for both primary and secondary.


Thank you bankstownbloke, I’ve managed to set up a secondary device, I’ll see how it goes. There is a whack load of info in the help but it’s hard to follow sometimes