Export data upload limitation

Currently, if you use the API or CSV uploader to send data, the data is rejected if the amount of export exceeds the amount of generation…

Under the Demand Flexibility Scheme running in the UK, users with battery systems are encouraged to load shift by charging their batteries from the grid at times of low use and exporting back to the grid at times of high use. As energy is coming from the grid instead of PV, this means your export can legitimately exceed your PV generation in a day.

Can you relax the limit on export so data can be uploaded that is currently being rejected?


This sounds an utterly ridiculous situation, I’ve not got as far as uploading my grid exports, or usage, so haven’t experienced this.

I always charge the batteries off peak for 3 hours, and export at peak, so this time of year my export will often exceed my solar generation. Add to that the saving sessions, it pays very well to export as much as possible, even if I need to run off the grid later in the day.

For standard PV systems the export amount is cannot exceed the generation amount.

Battery and other data can be uploaded to Extended Parameters instead (v7-v12)