Expanded search capability possible?


Firstly, thanks for providing a wonderful tool! Is there any way to expand the search capability? It appears when I search for arrays (eg. "4562 50km), there’s a limited list which is returned (maybe 20 or so sites) and if I try and expand that search function (eg. "4562 50km +enphase inverter), the second function is limited to searching the initial list which was returned in the first search function.

I really need to compare like for like installs of the same panels, same azimuth, tilt etc but with Fronius vs Enphase inverters and without being able to expand the search area and return a sufficient number of installs within the first search function, this simply isn’t possible as it stands.

Is there a way to achieve this? Happy to donate if this is possible.

There are only 34 Enphase systems and 113 Fronius systems listed for postcode range 4500-4599. Narrow down the postcode range and honestly there won’t be that many to pick from.

OK, sounds great! Thanks for your help on Whirlpool too mate, I really appreciate you offering your time on such detailed analyses.

Can I ask how you know with such granularity how many of each system there are for that range of postcodes?

In order to try and get a feel for which system is better on a cost basis, I’m really looking for installed systems where:

  1. Fronius inverter is oversized by 1.3x panels. Say a 15kW Fronius with 19.5-20kW of panels
  2. IQ7+ Enphase micros with the same panels at a total output of 15kW

This will make for an easy decision in terms of whether it’s worth paying the extra for Enphase or saving some money on going for an oversized Fronius system and saving 30%, of course depending on what their total energy output is. At the moment, it’s difficult to make that comparison.

I just went to the PV ladder page and applied the filter at the top right of the table (right under where it say “Tips”). You will need to be logged in to see it. I’m not sure if it also requires being a donator.