Exceeded 60 requests per hour


Hello, I keep getting an error message saying exceeded 60 request per hour when opening the app, I have had the app for many years and have only recently started seeing this. It doesn’t happen every time but probably about 50% of the time it pops up.

Any ideas?


No ideas at all just a question. What app are you using and what is it supposed to do?


Sorry I though it would be obvious I am using the PVOutput app.


There is no official PVOutput.org app. Only the website. If you are referring to any “app” retrieved from the Google Playstore, take the issue up with the app developer.


I use the pvoutput app from the Google Playstore. I have never seen any error message for all the time I have used it.When it runs on your smartphone it depends on your connection speed to retrieve data from PVOutput.org. Missed calls due to cellphone network delays may be the cause. That’s just a guess on my part.


hi to check your phone to see if that,s is the problem switch from roaming to 3 G only,phone should go up a bar in single strength as well,Jim


Hi @Robbo19800. Have you installed the PVO APP on more than one device? Multiple devices accessing PVO using the same account could cause you the problem.

Are you using the iOS version or the Android version.