Every new day entry with time 23:55 shows up

HI all,

Doing quite some stuff now with Pvoutput. all going quity well but I have one problem.
Every day, in the live stats, there is always an entry with time 23:55 added.
I have no idea where it comes from and the data in there does not always seems to make sense.
Has anyone seen this before ?

I’m using node-red to upload data as well as the Tranergy portal (for solar only)

A solution for me would also be if I can delete that entry every day via API.

Sounds like a bug in the uploader that is picking up 23:55 and sending data for it.

Adjusted some Logic in node-red, working now…

Hi vszabang,

Can you share your solution from node-red , as I have this issue also at the moment.

Thanks in advance!