"Estimated power" lower than "Power genrated"


I started using the website today for a project, and im struggling to understand how some systems can have Estimated Power that is lower than the Power Generated. Power Generated should be the real power, right? And Estimated Power should equal what would be absorbed at a clearsky moment?


PVOutput estimates your potential for generating power according to your location. However, they also provide a way to input your actual average power after you have operated for a full 12 month period. You can find this setting by selecting on your main page in the lower menu bar “Statistics” on that page select “Estimates” in the lower menu bar. There you can enter better estimates as you system ages. They should be revised each year as you get better averages.
If you purchased your system from a vender you should have had your power needs analyzed for the sizing of your system and they should have provided you estimates of what your system is capable of producing. There are also websites at the bottom of the table which offer means of calculating the expected production for your area and system size. I have completed my third year of production and am due to update my averages.
Find other internet sites by searching on “estimated solar production by month and location” or similar query.
Good luck.


Do you average each year or put the last years results?
I put estimates made from pvwatts? For my first year and then replaced them with what i actually generated. Im up to year 2 and now need to start doing it again and was wondering what way i should do it. As you can have good and bad months but the panels will decline as they get older. Not that i see myself updating the esitmates every month for the next 20 years