Estimated Output for Wrong Hemisphere


I’m a new solar panel owner (46 days) and new to this site. I’m located in the US. When I go to the Your outputs > statistic page it shows the current month actual output and estimates for the next 3 months. These appear to be for the wrong hemisphere (southern), with Nov being greater than Oct, and peaking in Dec before lowering again in Jan. I have my location set correctly. Is there another setting somewhere that will generate estimates based on the northern hemisphere instead of the southern?


Hi have you set your tine zone,on page one and the country and post code on page too of your PV0 settings pages-- jim


Yes, I have my time zone, post code and country all set appropriately. The time zone actually appears in two separate locations and both are set to my area.


Looking elsewhere on the site (see seasons report image below), it does show me as being in the northern hemisphere. It’s just this three months look ahead statistics graph that shows otherwise. Does anyone else in the northern hemisphere have this same problem?


Bankstown Bloke Please look at this thanks ,
Hi yes i see what you mean now, the statistics tab is were you see the projected outputs for the next 3 months, this view seems to be odd, on my system all i can get it to show me is the amounts of power i have imported for the year, Bankstown Bloke perhaps you could look at this please, thanks Jim


You location is Washington state and you have only a little over a month of data accumulated. Check to see if you have populated your estimates of monthly production which should have been provided by your PV designer or installer. If you don’t input these estimates of monthly estimated production the only data PVOutput either uses some assumed values based on your location and/or your accumulated data.
On your Outputs page click on your System Size number at the top of the table above the column labeled “Generated” to bring up our settings menu. Go down to “Additional Settings” section and click on the “Output Estimates” button and fill in the table with the estimates your PV designer or install should have given you. This should improve the early observations. My table looks like this:

At the bottom of this table there are two websites you can go to to get estimates for your location if your PV designer or installer have not provided any.
After you have accumulated more data you can replace your original estimates with your averages to improve the predictive accuracy. I have replaced my original estimates with my averages for the past three years.
Hope this helps.


As per @lwsmiser comment above the most accurate method is to enter your own estimates -

If no estimates have been entered for the system, then the 3 month estimates shown on the statistics page is based on the average of the last 3 months daily output.