Error 401 when setting up Rainforest cloud to PVOutput

Have setup new PVOutput account with new system.(SUFC)
Added sid and key to Rainforest cloud. It comes up with Error 401.
Message back from Rainforest is to contact PVOutput.
As far as I can tell I have entered the sid and key correctly.

Does anyone know if there is an email address for help for PVOutput?
Also tried the option of setting up PVOutput to retrieve data from Rainforest, no luck with that either.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
On a side note does anyone know if Rainforest Eagle 200 is suppose to import 3 phase data or will only import single phase?

401 is an unauthorized error, check that the system account has an active donation.

Thanks bankstownbloke I will set that up I thought that donation was only for extra features.
I have run my own system on pvoutput since 2011 didn’t need to contribute to get system working initially, but I do as I like how it works.

I have consumption working but solar is not showing up. Also the figures are at least a 1/3 of what they should be. This is the same at Rainforest site. Both Solar and usage are show at Rainforest site.
Any help would be much appreciated.
PvOuput system name is SUFC

The rainforest Eagle push API only supports consumption net data.

PVOutput will read the InstantaneousDemand data section. This is net consumption data which requires a separate inverter generation feed to correctly calculate gross consumption.

This is why the consumption graph shows 0W consumption during the day.

So I guess by what you have said there is no way to get the Eagle 200 to be used with PVOutput for the solar even though the solar shows up on the Rainforest graph. bugger. The inverter is a ABB 3 phase with wifi card.

Hi, is this donation required for using PVOutput app only?

Its required to use Eagle Push to PVOutput