Envoy Upload + IoTaWatt


Just wanting to confirm that if my Envoy is supplying generation & consumption data, that I am unable to push V7 Hot Water from an IoTaWatt due to…?

At least one of the values v1 , v2 , v3 or v4 must be present.
v1|Energy Generation
v2|Power Generation
v3|Energy Consumption
v4|Power Consumption


That’s true unless you are a donator. Per the PVOutput Documentation, the ability to send v5, and v7-v12 without any of v1-v4 is a Donation Bonus Feature.


I am a donator.

I am trying the below with limited results.

  • PV generation - Enphase Envoy - NO DATA LOGGED
  • Power consumption - IoTaWatt - YES DATA LOGGED
  • Hot water system v7 - IoTaWatt - YES DATA LOGGED


As long as the IoTaWatt is sending 5-minute data for v7 only then it will be merged with existing data v2/v4 etc.