Entering Tariff plans etc

Is the Tariff plans input able to be setup better for creating tariff plans…
and actually knowing what tariff plan you are on and what details are in there?? maybe if you hover over your plan it shows the details? or a link to a table that displays plan names and costs below that are editable? and highlights what is actually selected/available?

I seem to always save my page not my plan and have to redo it. can the save button be placed at the end of the plan costings or a different/better layout?

also when trying to add in my tou details I can’t choose a time from 3pm to 1am > 15:00 01:00 as it is incorrect.
i have to choose 15:00 - 23:59 and then 00:01 - 01:00 taking up 2 slots where i only have 1 available

The tariff plan section may be separated out or redesigned in the future to be a little less confusing.

Only the off peak tariff supports this via ‘All other times’. Other rates you have 2-3 slots already.