Enphase V4 autoloader stopped working a month ago

I have Enphase V4 autoloader for many months but just noticed that there is no data for this year so far. The autoloader appears to have stopped working. What’s the best way to resolve this problem?


It may have been deactivated after a prolonged period of errors or failures trying to retrieve data from the system (typically around 24hrs of continuous errors).

The Auto Upload can be reactivated by editing the PVOutput system and ‘Save’ without making any changes.

I tried “Save” without making changes and waited a day. So far it’s still not working. Also, the temperature data upload (not from Enphase) stopped. Is it safe to revoke/reauthorize the Enphase auto loader in settings?

Revoking and reauthorize should be safe. This will remove and request a new access token from Enphase.