Enphase v4 Auto Uploader stopped working - Resolved?

I have 2 separate Enphase systems tracked by PVOutput. Neither has uploaded to PVoutput since Saturday 9/17, and both are functioning and reporting normally to Enphase (Enlighten Manager). Both are using the v4 autoloader and nothing has been changed on this end. Any thoughts would be appreciated. (The sites are “Gold Country Auburn CA” and “Gold Country East”)

Update: To simplify things, I just revoked API authorization on the “East” site, and verified it on the “Auburn” site. Still no uploads for the Auburn site.

Sort of resolved!! I just changed settings from “15 min update” to “5 min update” and the v4 uploader immediately gave me data for yesterday and this morning for the “Auburn” system. (Data for the previous two days is still missing unless I upload manually.)

Did this settings change “wake up” the autoloader?? Note: The API was always authorized… no change on the Enphase side. Is “5 min” magic? I don’t think so, but it looks like most of the “Enphase Inverter” team uses 5 min updates.

System 40888 received some 403 “Not authorized to access this resource” errors from Enphase on the 18th Sept, so the downloads were disabled after 3 hrs.

Saving the PVOutput system details without making any changes should reactivate the downloads.

Unfortunately Enphase v4 complicates matters with the authorization, which seems to have been invalidated for some reason.

Revoking and re-authorizing would have reset the access. Saving the PVOutput system after this would restart the download with the new authorization.