Enphase v4 API cannot authorize


I’ve been using the Enphase v2 API and it’s been working, was attempting to cutover to the v4 API but am having issues.

I first attempted to re-authorize and when clicking the “Authorize” button get this message from api.enphaseenergy.com

Something went wrong!
Our Engineers are on it

I then perform a revoke, both from PVOutput and also logging into Enlighten, and then tried again, same error.

The browser console shows the following on the page.

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)

Is this something wrong on my side I can change?

I tried going back to v2 API and the authorisation is succesful, but then of course I get an error

Enphase v2 is no longer supported. Authorize for Enphase v4 to continue.

I tried using recent versions of Chrome and MS Edge with no extensions.

Guess I should have waited a little closer to the september cutoff before changing over.