Enphase system won't aggregate data


I have 3 systems, 2 real systems and one total system for aggregation.

System one (62907) child, aggregates to parent system 86955

  • This is working fine without problems, For testing is disabled aggregation for now.

System two (86931) child, aggregates also to parent 86955

  • This will not work, Absolutely nothing happens. New uploads on system 86931 won’t go into parent system 86955

Anybody has any clues? I don’t get it…

Nobody knows? I think I have a bug here…

System 86931 is currently assigned to parent 86976

Yes, I tried to make a new system in case I did something wrong. But also this does not work. Absolutely no output from the enphase system 86931 is going to its parent, whatever parent I choose…

Check system 86976… its empty…

I will soon try to upload the systems data using something else than the enphase auto uploader. There has to be a bug in it with restricts the system from being a child in pvoutput :frowning:

How do I report a bug to pvoutput development? I assume this is a bug. Aggregating other systems works like a charm. Only the enphase auto uploader systems will not aggregate.

Try editing the parent system and saving it.

This forum is the best place to report issues.

The problem has been fixed now.

Thank you for the fix!