Enphase solar data not importing via auto uploads


I set up my account last week and followed the instructions for Enphase Auto Uploader at https://pvoutput.org/help.html#autoupload-enphase including making a donation to allow a secondary device.

“Solar” is set as primary, and “Consumption” as secondary as attached screenshot.

My consumption data is showing, but solar generation is 0 https://pvoutput.org/list.jsp?sid=72467.

I tried reversing them so Solar was secondary, but still only showed consumption.

Any suggestions?


The configuration is correct, however Enphase isn’t reporting any data for Solar with 0 devices reporting.

You should report the above to Enphase support.

Data returned -



No good deed goes unpunished. I moderate a Solar Q&A forum, one of the users couldn’t work out how to upload to PVOutput so I set his account up for him just like all the other Positronic Enphase accounts.
Of course, it doesn’t work.
I was going to use the string above. ‘your enphase id’ is obvious, I assume ‘your key’ is the 4exxxxxxxxx number, and ‘user id’ is the pvoutput user id. No luck.
PVoutput SSID is 72397


Using PVOutput’s API key with the Enlighten Id 1687826 (your_enphase_id) system details responds with -

"Not authorized to access requested resource."

Which means the “AUTHORIZE” link next to the user id wasn’t clicked on or didn’t work.


Looks like you’ve clicked something. Working now. Thanx, BB.