Enphase Site Data Feed Not Current on PVOUTPUT

My Enphase Enlighten is communicateing with Enphase. On Enphase I see my inverters and enlighten is connected to them on 5 minute intervals. On the enphase site I see Todays Energy still 0.0 but their POWER ANIMATED view I see readings. So not sure if Enphase internally loading process to the location that PVOUTPUT API reads it is broke and they are working on it or PVOUTPUT detects anything else. Seems on PV LADDER is showing information for 8/24 the last time so its not just my PVOUTPUT setup: IMANsNYPower4MyVOLTmaxInverter 8.100kW

BBloke, do ya know anything about whats going on with the Enphase API and or within Enphase issues?
Again the ENERGY TODAY is still 0.0 on Enphase yet I currently see POWER at 518 W and produced today 2.41 kWh.
I suspect and have reached out to Enphase to see if they are having internal loading issues though no message banner is on their web site once you log into view your system on their web site for enlighten.

Yeah it seems enphase is fixing their side. Some data is finally showing up.