Enphase production dropping to 0 today



Is anyone seeing similiar issues today where the the enphase api and enlighten app are return 0 for periods of the day of up to 10mins - the local envoy api is showing a total production of 230kWh (and graphs of the local api data are showing no periods of 0kW) but enlighten and pvputput is showing only 220kWh produced.


And the solar feed in of the local electricity provider for yesterday matches what the local api reported yesterday - not what enlighten is reporting

My output also had the same glitches, though mine were on Dec. 28 (but I’m in the USA, so perhaps the time difference is a factor). I monitor with the Enphase app, and also have an Emporia Vue. The Vue had a smooth curve for the day, Enphase (and the downloaded Monthly reports from Enphase) did not.

Two days later the Enphase app has updated its data and matches the smooth curve of the Vue. This makes me wonder if there was a system-wide issue. Have you tried downloading Enphase reports since then, such as “Recent Production” or the “Monthly Net Energy” and graph them to see if your drops to zero are gone now?

Yep all sorted now - thanks for confirming the same